Skadi [ZN] [DN] Grim

Ihr sucht einen (oder mehrere Namen)? Wir helfen euch.
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Hej ihr Lieben,
wie schön, dass es dieses Forum gibt! Ich war gerade so traurig als ich gesehen habe, wie komisch das jetzt auf untergehen sollte - und dann habe ich das hier gesehen. Toll! smiley_11

Ich suche einen Zweit- und einen Drittnamen. Und zwar für eine junge Frau (ca. 23 Jahre als), fiktional. EN ist Skadi, NN ist Grim. Der Name kann einen nordischen Hintergrund haben, muss aber nicht unbedingt. Hier eine kurze Beschreibung von ihr (sry, habe es nur auf Englisch):

Idea: day-dreaming, musical, socially-awkward girl.
Appearance: pale, long pastel goth dreads [disclaimer: rest of outfit is not really pastel goth, I didn’t know that’s a thing before googling it xD]; glasses, black dresses, lots of amulets and talismans (not all really working, though), a flute (? or another instrument, shakers, drum, dunno yet); a locket with an important person from her past.

Sketch: Skadi is a day-dreaming and thoughtful person who puts a lot of detail into the things she studies. She can concentrate best when singing/humming little tunes. She is curious, really likes to hear stories and participate in excursions. She is very easily distracted all the same. In her spare time she tries to find out the tunes of the world. She collects voices and people singing (maybe with a little voice recorder?). She is not a composer but rather a collector. She likes to give a little tune to people she cares about, though.

There has been a very troublesome relation in her past that led to her being very cautious and suspicious regarding social relations. She is a trustworthy person but she never fully trusts people other than her family (in the big things that matter). She is socially awkward, very straightforward in telling others what she observes but does not understand irony or sarcasm very well. When attacked, she would not fight back but rather be very hurt and self-conscious. She would wish for the world to become balanced again. Skadi firmly believes that things in the world should be balanced, so if something bad happens here, something bad must happen there as well (then everything is ok again). Skadi regularly hears "whispers". To avoid getting confused by them, she tries to make sense out of them by putting them into “rules” for daily life, since everything that is rule-governed cannot be chaotic, right? This leads to her touching every door on both sides before stepping through, never eating red and green food together, stuff like that. Probably some people are talking behind Skadi’s back because of her weird behaviour. Given the fact, that she is more or less helpless in defending herself, especially when attacked for no reason, she is a potential bully victim.

Ich freue mich auf eure Ideen!
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Hab jetzt mal ganz unterschiedliche Kombis zusammengestellt:
Skadi Jördis Birga Grim
Skadi Hanna Luisa Grim
Skadi Mailin Tabea Grim
Skadi Viola Margarethe Grim
Skadi Ruth Johanne Grim
Skadi Zelda Malin Grim
Skadi Merida Anneke Grim
Skadi Hanne Karla Grim
Skadi Ellis Katrine Grim
Skadi Juna Silja Grim
Skadi Berenike Elida Grim
Skadi Kendra Jolanda Grim
Skadi Märta Thea Grim
Skadi Jonna Rikke Grim
Skadi Alva Pernilla Grim

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